The “friends of truths-network” has arrived.

The question is: Why is it here now?

And who or what is behind it?


We simply represent a network of friends who are trying to achieve a better understanding of some things in our often rather strange world. What we want most of all is to understand how our society has come to develop its characteristic traits and customs.


That’s why we ask so many questions.


Questions such as:

Why do we eat and drink certain things?

Why do we buy the things we buy?

Why is there such a wide variety of products?

Do things become better when we find out who or what stands behind them?


We exchange information, conduct worldwide research, inquire on all channels.

We connect with people and drill away for answers (because we must find out the truth, after all).


We want to share the knowledge we have acquired.

Therefore our knowledge goes into products.

Authentic products of course.

We don’t expect everyone to be perfect (because we aren’t either!).

It’s when we work together (“greater than or equal to 2”) that we can come just a bit closer to our goal of creating something meaningful that is also truthful.